30th Anniversary
Demo Trading Competition

To mark our 30th anniversary in the financial services industry, and because it feels like at this challenging time we all need something to look forward to, we’ve prepared a Demo Trading contest for you.  

We’re giving 30 lucky winners the chance to share in $30,000 USD 

To enter, all you need to do is open a risk-free demo trading account with us, and you could be one of the 30 winners. 

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  • 4th Prize: $2,250 trading account
  • 5th Prize: $2,000 trading account
  • 6th Prize: $1,750 trading account
  • 7th Prize: $1,500 trading account
  • 8th Prize: $1,250 trading account
  • 9-10th Prize: $1,000 trading account
  • 11-15th Prize: $750 trading account
  • 16-20th $500 trading account
  • 21-30th Prize: $250 trading account

How to enter the competition

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Hantec Markets 2020 Demo competition
Hantec Markets Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) in the Republic of Mauritius. License Number: C114013940 (hereinafter “Hantec”).
Competition details
• The competition starts on 10th May 2020 at 00:00.00 GMT+3 and ends on 5th June 2020 at 23:59.59 GMT+3 (Competition Period).
• All participants will start with USD 10,000 of virtual funds in their demo trading accounts and 100:1 leverage.
• The winners will be the 30 participants with the highest Equity at the end of the Competition Period with prizes awarded based on overall rank.
Winners and Prizes
How are the winners determined?
• The winning participant will be the participant with the highest Equity at the end of the Competition Period. The remaining prizes will be awarded to participants based on the Equity rank i.e. the participant with the 2nd highest equity will be awarded 2nd prize and so forth until all prize slots are filled.
What is Equity?
• Equity is defined as MT4 account balance plus/minus profit or loss from open orders. The participants final Equity will be determined using the closing prices at 23:59.59 GMT+3 on 5th June 2020. In the event of a tie in Equity, the participant with the higher trading volume over the Competition Period will be deemed superior in terms of rank.
The Prizes:
• The total prize pool for the competition is equal to $30,000. Prizes will be allocated to the top 30 participants as follows:
o 1st Prize: $5,000 trading account
o 2nd Prize: $3,000 trading account
o 3rd Prize: $2,500 trading account
o 4th Prize: $2,250 trading account
o 5th Prize: $2,000 trading account
o 6th Prize: $1,750 trading account
o 7th Prize: $1,500 trading account
o 8th Prize: $1,250 trading account
o 9-10th Prize: $1,000 trading account
o 11-15th Prize: $750 trading account
o 16-20th $500 trading account
o 21-30th Prize: $250 trading account
• To be eligible to collect their prize, all winning participants will be required to hold a Hantec live account. This will require the participant to gain compliance approval by submitting a live account application and supporting documentation including, but not limited to, a valid proof of ID and valid proof of address.
• Failure to provide adequate documentation or to attain compliance approval will result in the forfeiting of the prize amount by the participant. In the event of this, the prize will be awarded to the next highest participant in the ranking.
• Once approved as a client, prize amounts will be posted directly to the winning participants’ live trading account.
• The prize amount can be used as trading margin or withdrawn at any time, without restriction or additional condition.
Eligibility and Competition Rules

• this demo competition is open to all individuals who are minimum 18 years old at the time of the competition start, excluding residents of certain jurisdictions such as Afghanistan, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burundi, Eritrea, France, Gaza Strip, Haiti, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Japan, Lao, Libya, Myanmar, Netherlands, North Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, USA, Venezuela, West Bank and Yemen
• Every participant is permitted to have one demo competition account only. Intentional use of more than one demo account by a participant will result in immediate disqualification.
• Participants must provide on registration; full name, valid email address, nickname, contact phone number.
• Participants are eligible to register from 17th April 2020 until the end of the Competition Period. Registrations submitted during the competition will be accepted.
Specific conditions
• Participants will be trading on a demo MT4 account provided by Hantec Markets on Hantec Markets’ demo server. All participants will start with USD 10,000 of virtual funds in their trading accounts and a fixed leverage of 100:1. Under no circumstances can the initial amount or the leverage be changed.
• If the same IP address is used to register for more than 1 demo account, all demo accounts registered from this IP address will result in immediate disqualification.
• Participants suspected of conspiring with other participants, abusing or manipulating the contest results will result in immediate disqualification.
Trading conditions
• Each participant will be required to trade a minimum of 10 lots during the Competition Period.
• The following products will be available to trade; currency pairs, bullion and CFDs.
• The minimum position size per order is 0.01 lot and the maximum position size per order is 1 lot.
• At any given time, a participant can have no more than 10 active orders, therefore, the maximum open order exposure is 10 lots.
• Use of EAs (Expert Advisor) will not be permitted. Participants using EA will be disqualified from the competition.
• The auto-liquidation (stop-out) level will be set at 40%. Should the Equity fall to or below this level, open position will begin to be automatically liquidated.

Competition Disclaimer

Participation of Intermediaries/Related Parties in the demo competition is prohibited. If the registration and / or trading data of a participant in the demo competition corresponds with the registration and / or trading information, including but not limited to IP address, of another participant in the demo competition, Hantec reserves the right in its absolute and sole discretion to regard this matching as a reason for immediate disqualification. For the purposes hereof, the term “Intermediaries/Related Parties”, when used in these Terms & Conditions, unless the context otherwise requires, shall mean to in