Changes to Your Transaction History

As part of our ongoing drive to improve data efficiency for our clients, we will be archiving and summarizing the transaction history on your trading accounts and client portal for all transactions dated before the 1st January 2019. The visibility of any transactions from the 1st January 2019 onwards will remain unchanged.

When will this happen?

The data archive will happen on the 8th of August 2020.

What data will be affected? What is happening to the data?

All MT4 trade data and balance transactions including trades, deposit, withdrawals and credit dated before 1st January 2019. The transaction data will be summarized into 6 lines of information:

  • Total volume of CFD trades
  • Total volume of Non-CFD trades
  • Total deposits
  • Total withdrawals
  • Total credit in
  • Total credit out

Your transaction history will be securely stored and archived in our system and accessible at your request.

Can I save a copy of this data before the archive happens?

Yes, you can follow the simple steps below:

  1. Login to your MT4 terminal (PC only) and navigate to Terminal Window > Account History
  2. Right-click anywhere in this window to launch the pop-up box
  3. Select the desired timeframe for the report. Once the data has generated, right click again and select ‘Save as Detailed Report’

Will I still have access to this data after the archive?

Yes, rest assured that you can access all of your records at any time by following these steps.

  1. Send an email request to [email protected] with the subject ‘Archived data request’.
  2. In the email, please ensure you state the MT4 account number(s) specific to the data you require.

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