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Your one-stop hub for education, research, strategy, and preparation. Build-up your trading skills with our free library of educational tools and resources. Find dedicated trading webinars, platform guides, comment from our analysts, and more.

Hantec Markets Learning Hub

We pride ourselves on supporting traders with educational resources, and by providing excellent research on markets. Our Chief Market Analyst Richard Perry has 19 years’ experience from the City of London, producing technical analysis and helping traders inform their market strategy.

We offer our clients access to seminars and webinars, downloadable content, and glossaries to help build your knowledge base. These resources can help you manage risk while improving strategy and planning.

Education, research, preparation and strategy

The best way to avoid quick losses is via education. On top of educating yourself, ongoing research and analysis must be done before entering into trades. Trading requires preparation alongside the formation of a trading plan or strategy. Any trading plan should be tested over time, and you can do this by opening a Demo Account to test it in a safe environment. 

Open a demo account with Hantec Markets.

It’s free, and you’ll learn to become a more accomplished trader while avoiding real losses. 

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New Traders

Whether its work, sport, or academia, preparation and planning are crucial to success. Forex trading is no different. 

New traders are often under the impression that Forex or Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading is simple stuff and just a matter of picking a direction for the market (up or down) and then collecting the winnings. 

It does not take long, however, for this view to be painfully dispelled. 

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