Hantec Markets is licensed and regulated by the Financial Services Commission (FSC), Mauritius. As a GBL/Category 1 Investment Dealer (Full Service Dealer, excluding underwriting), pursuant to the Section 29 of the Securities Act 2005, rule 4 of the Securities Rule 2007 and Financial Services Rules 2008. (Licence No: C114013940).

The Financial Services Commission, Mauritius (FSC) is the integrated regulator for the financial services sector. The FSC was established in 2001 and operates within a modern and internationally recognised legal framework which includes the Financial Services Act, the Securities Act and the Insurance Act. The FSC licenses, regulates, monitors and supervises the conduct of business activities in the non-banking financial services sector.

In carrying out its mission, the FSC aims to:

  • Promote the development, fairness, efficiency and transparency of financial institutions and capital markets in Mauritius;
  • Suppress crime and malpractices so as to provide protection to members of the public investing in non-banking financial products; and 
  • Ensure the soundness and stability of the financial system in Mauritius.

As a risk based regulator, throughout its work, the FSC prioritises its resources in the areas which pose the biggest threat to its regulatory objectives. Enforcement is one of a number of regulatory tools available to the FSC as part of its preventive approach. The FSC’s approach to the use of its enforcement powers plays an important role in the pursuit of its regulatory objectives.

To find out more, please visit https://www.fscmauritius.org







  • 始終正常運行的MT4平台,服務於不間斷的交易
  • 隨時高效而專業的客戶服務,滿足您的所有需求
  • 通過全球多個金融機構實現低廉而具競爭力的價差,為您的交易盡心盡力。
  • 通過金融服務補償計劃保護資金
  • 獲取前沿市場情報,讓您資訊充分地開展交易。


All financial trading carries risk. Those risks however should be within your control. Any Broker should be committed to stringent regulation. At One Hantec, this is part of our culture.

We are authorised and regulated in Jordan by the Jordanian Securities Commission (JSC). We’re committed to our own code of conduct, developed through two decades of Forex brokerage experience and designed to give you total peace of mind.

Our Forex Service Pledge

Through our regulatory obligations along with our own corporate governance, culture and commitment, One Hantec offers you::

  • Guaranteed uptime on our MT4 platform for uninterrupted trading.
  • An efficient and professional client service whenever and however you need it. 
  • Tight, competitive spreads through multiple global financial institutions competing for your trades.
  • Access to cutting edge market intelligence to inform your trading.