Retail Stock Trading Conditions

Name Description Ticker Currency
Amazon Amazon.com, Inc. AMZN.OQ USD
Alibaba Alibaba Group Holding Ltd – ADR BABA.N USD
Apple Apple Inc. APPL.OQ USD
AstraZeneca AstraZeneca PLC ADR AZN.N USD
Berkshire Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Class B BRKb.N USD
B.O.America Bank of America Corp BAC.N USD
Coca-Cola Coca-Cola Co KO.N USD
Disney Walt Disney Co DIS.N USD
Exxon Exxon Mobil Corporation XOM.N USD
Facebook Facebook, Inc. Common Stock FB.OQ USD
Ford Ford Motor Company F.N USD
G.E. General Electric Company GE.N USD
Google Alphabet Inc Class A GOOGKL.OQ USD
McDonalds Mcdonald’s Corp MCD.N USD
Microsoft Microsoft Corporation MSFT.OQ USD
Netflix Netflix Inc NFLX.OQ USD
Nike Nike Inc NKE.N USD
Pfizer Pfizer Inc. PFE.N USD
Starbucks Starbucks Corporation SBUX.OQ USD
Tesla Tesla Inc TSLA.OQ USD
Twitter Twitter Inc TWTR.N USD
Uber Uber Technologies Inc UBER.N USD
Visa Visa Inc V.N USD
Walmart Walmart Inc WMT.N USD
Zoom Zoom Video Communications Inc ZM.OQ USD
CFD Stocks (All)  
Pip Cost (Native CCY) $0.01
Min. Trade Size 1
Maximum Lots per Trade 100
Margin Requirement 10%
Minimum Stop Distance (Points) 1
Trading Hours (Server Time) Monday 16:31 – Friday 22:59
Break Time (London Time) None
Initial Minimum Funding Level
$/£/€ 100
Commissions Included in the spread
Spread Type Floating
Execution Market Execution
Stop out Level 40%
Server Time GMT+2
Account Denomination USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD, AUD, PLN & AED
What is a Corporate Action?

A corporate action is an event initiated by a company that has a direct impact on its shareholders. Dividends & other forms of capital return, stock splits, share consolidations, mergers & acquisitions, and equity raises are all examples of corporate actions.

When a corporate action occurs, a price and/or cash and/or trade adjustment may be applied to your trading account in order to fully reflect the impact of this event.

Margin requirements may be subject to change ahead of any corporate action, including any which may or may not be announced in earnings/results statements or company trading/AGM updates.

Example: CFD Stock Split

Amazon announces a 5 for 1 stock split.

The number of shares and the trading prices would be adjusted by the announced ratio.

Pre stock split open position:

5 share of Amazon sold at 100 USD per share

5 shares of Amazon sold at 200 USD per share

The total value of the position = (5 shares x 100)+(5 shares x200) = 1,500 USD

The original positions would be closed at the respective opening prices.

As the split is a 5 for 1 ratio, we would multiply the current total number of shares by a factor of 5 to give new total shares:

New total shares = 10 total shares x 5 = 50.

The total value of the position (1,500 USD) is divided by the number of new total shares (50) to give a new opening price:

New opening price = 1,500 ÷ 50 = 30 USD per share

Post stock split open position:

50 shares of Amazon sold at 30 USD per share

The total value of the position remains the same at 1,500 USD

Example: Dividend adjustment on an index CFD
A client has an open position worth 1 lot on the SXP500 Index on the ex-dividend date, where according to the contract specifications, one lot amounts to 1 contract, and the dividend amount to be posted is 0.0183 USD. In this case, the dividend adjustment will be calculated as follows:

Dividend adjustment × Contract size × Volume (lots)


0.0183 × 1 contract × 1 lots = 0.0183 (posted amount in MT4 0.02 USD)

No corporate actions expected for this week.